The hospital provides the parents and carers of the hospitalized patients with accommodation in the hotel rooms located on the ”0” level in the K2 segment.

The hotel offers four double rooms with complete sanitary facility (bathroom and toilet). All rooms are equipped with a couch, wardrobe, table and chairs. A person who decides to stay in the hotel is obliged to pay an initial amount of PLN 175.00 in the cash desk of the hospital (till 2:00 pm) or at the reception desk (after 2:00 pm).

The above amount will cover a 5-day stay. If you stay for a shorter period, the relevant difference will be refunded to you in the cash desk. In the case of a longer stay you are obliged to make another payment.

There is no possibility to make an advance booking. More information can be obtained in room no. 30 (level – 1) or at the hospital reception desk.