The Patinent has the right to:


  • be provided with health benefits that meet the requirements of the current knowledge in the scope of medicine;
  • obtain information about their health condition;
  • require from the person providing the health benefits to keep in confidence information related to the patient and in particular to the patient’s health condition;
  • agree or refuse to be provided with health benefits;
  • to be informed about the side effects of medicinal products;
  • have their privacy and dignity respected, particularly during the provision of health benefits;
  • access medical documentation related to the patient’s health condition and the provided health benefits;
  • object to an opinion or certificate issued by a medical doctor;
  • have their private and family life respected;
  • be provided with pastoral care;
  • keep in deposit their valuable property


Should you have any questions, please contact the Patient Ombudsman

  1. Młynarska 46, 01-171 Warszawa,


Free helpline: 800 190 590

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Office of the Patient Ombudsman


The patient’s rights and the principles governing the work of the Patient Ombudsman are specified in the Patients’ Rights and the Patient Ombudsman Act of 6 November 2008.