Car park

When arriving at the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre you can use a paid car park.

Prices for using the car park of the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre Upper Silesian Pediatric Medical Centre:

Rates charged on an hourly basis PLN 4.5 for the firs hour

PLN 1 for each additional hour

24h charge PLN 15
One-week charge PLN 30
Two-week charge PLN 40
One-month charge PLN 70
Members of the hospital personnel, residents, staff of the library and school located within the hospital
One-month charge: gravel car park PLN 8
One-month charge: asphalt car park PLN 11
One-month charge: place with a number or lock PLN 22
Persons staying in the hospital for training or professional development purposes and third-party employees conducting business activity within the territory of the hospital
One-month charge PLN 35



The patients may call their relatives for free, using coloured telephones accessible within the programme ‘”Phone call to mummy”. One can also use private mobile phones within the territory of the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre, except in diagnostic laboratories, patient rooms and departments in which the patients are connected to equipment monitoring the vital functions or in which electronic infusion pumps are used. In such places mobile phones may interfere with a proper functioning of the above mentioned devices. Please, follow the instructions of the personnel.


Changing room

There is a changing room in the hospital where you can leave your outerwear. The changing room is free and it is opened 24 hours a day.


The patients and the visitors may check one offer of a kiosk selling general merchandise and newspapers. The kiosk is situated in the hospital hall.

Snack bar and drinks machine

In the hospital you can buy lunch meals, snacks, fast foods and food products (e.g. bread, cured meat, sweets, drinks)

Deposit for clothes and valuable things

Patients admitted to hospital wards may deposit their valuable things. The deposit is located in the Hospital Emergency Department.