Pursuant to Art. 26 and 27 of the Patients’ Rights and the Patient Ombudsman Act of 6 November 2008, the medial documentation shall be made accessible to the patient, statutory representative of the patient or a person authorised by the patient in the following manner:

  • access to the documentation, including healthcare database in the registered office of the Upper Silesian Child Health Centre;
  • preparation of an extract, copy or duplicate of the document;
  • issuance of the original document against receipt, subject to the return thereof after making use of the documentation.

Request for access to medical documentation may be submitted in person in the Hospital Office; from Monday to Friday between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm (room no. 1 on the ground floor), sent by email to: sekretariat@gczd.katowice.pl or sent by post.

The request shall include personal data of the applicant (given name, surname, PESEL [Personal Identification number]), as well as indication of the Department or Outpatient Clinic in which the patient was treated and the period of treatment.

Medical documentation may be collected personally or sent by post on the cash-on-delivery basis at the request of the applicant.

The patient shall incur the costs of preparation of an extract, copy or duplicate of the medical documentation in the amount specified in the applicable regulations of the Hospital.