A patient who makes an appointment in the Outpatient Clinic for the first time can be admitted only based on a referral received from the general practitioner or a specialist.


The appointment can be made:


When entering data into the waiting list, you should submit the given name and surname of the child, his/her date of birth, PESEL [Personal Identification Number], place of residence, given name and surname of the referring physician along with the number of a licence to practise the profession, diagnosis, name of the institution, REGON [National Official Business Register] of the institution issuing the referral and date of the appointment. You are also required to provide your contact number.


On the date of the appointment you need to report to the reception desk of the Specialist Outpatient Clinic Complex (ground floor) with:

  • referral from a given Specialist Outpatient Clinic
  • child’s health book
  • chip card (patients from the Silesian province)
  • medical examination results or medical records concerning previous treatment


To put the patient on file one needs to:

  • provide PESEL [Personal Identification Number] (in the case of children under 3 months of age, who haven’t been assigned such a number, one needs to provide PESEL [Personal Identification Number] of the person responsible for registration of the child for health insurance purpose)
  • provide address data and other data required in accordance with the applicable provisions
  • fill in the required declaration forms


For the purpose of settling all formalities before the appointment, please appear in the hospital some time earlier. In case of resignation please inform us in advance by phone.

After the appointment in the Clinic each patient is obliged to make another appointment, if necessary. While making the appointment by phone, personally or through another, please quote your file number.